Living the Life

Recently a new friend read my blog and remarked later in passing that she didn’t see anything about my spiritual life in any of my posts and was happy to see a link to my church and a Christian unschooling group on my blog. I was honestly surprised that anyone would even be looking for that on a blog that is just a hodgepodge of whatever happens to be on my mind at a particular time. I wasn’t offended or upset. I just wasn’t expecting a comment like that.

I’ve always believed that each person’s spiritual journey is their own. I have no problem asking for prayer for… anything really. But I don’t make a point of announcing my beliefs to anyone who will stand still long enough. I think it’s like my lifestyle choices of eating whole foods and exercising. I don’t go around preaching or nagging (at least I try very hard not to) and trying to convert others to my beliefs. (I do have my health blog, but readers choose to go there; I’m not forcing people to listen to my opinions.) I will talk about what I believe if the subject comes up, but for the most part I prefer to just live the life and try to be a good example rather than beat people over the head with my convictions. As far as I can tell, beating people over the head only serves to achieve the opposite of the desired effect. At least that’s how I feel when people preach at me.